Boom Beach for PC Download (Windows 7/8/XP) without Bluestacks

Boom Beach for PC download is the tutorial I’m covering over here and to make sure you play this game on Windows 7/8/XP running computers or laptops, all you need to do is to follow this guide till end. If you’re not aware of what this game all about then also you are at the right place as I’ll be explaining every related subject in brief.

Let’s start with the journey now and all you need to do is to not skip any part of this guide, because its all short and important, if you wish to play the game without any issues. Please check the homepage of Clash of Clans for PC game which is amazing.

How to Download Boom Beach for PC without Bluestacks

  1. Download and install YouWave on your computer first. It is an Android emulator available over here and once you have its installer file then installing it is just like any other software.
  2. Once installed, start the software and choose Free Trial as the option to start with. Once it starts, you’ll find an old version of Android (ICS 4.0).
  3. Launch the Web Browser then and open home page of Google play store. Now find out Boom Beach game within play store using its search tool.
  4. Once the game is there then click on the same and later click on install option, just like you do on an Android device.
  5. Finally, you’ll be asked to login with a Google account and that’s because you’re trying to access Google’s ecosystem. So do it.

Wait for few minute (or may be seconds, I’m not aware of speed of your internet connection) and voila. The game will be there, all set and ready to play right on your computer. But you need to start YouWave first and then the game. Hope its not a bigger thing to ask.

Few Requirements to Catch on

Your system needs to run on HD standard of graphics driver. If its not there then make sure you upgrade them or get fixed a hardware upgrade (if needed).

Your system should have at least 4GB of RAM in order to make things work without any performance issues at all. Also there should be free storage C drive, at least 4-5GB or even more.

About Boom Beach Game

Let’s talk about the game a bit in order to get you an idea of what exactly you’re about to play on.

It’s a strategy game with very special and unique graphics and game play ethics. You need to have a lots of plans and strategies ready.

It got full HD resolution of graphics and very easy to understand but tough to master game play. Your main job is to look for attacking other beaches around your territory, win battles and grab the resources over there.

You need to spend the money earned, intelligently on training your troops, upgrading your warfare base and also bringing more dangerous weapons in your arsenal.

Getting started will be easy but surviving within is not going to be the same especially when your few days of honeymoon period is over. So expect some hard core gaming within and get ready for the same. Good luck!

I think you really enjoyed this game which is all about how to download Boom Beach for PC and please keep on visiting this website in future also.

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