Clash of Clans Maxing Builder Hall 4 Guide

In Clash of Clans, Maxing Builder hall 4 is one of the major steps. On upgrading any builder hall, you unlock many clash of clans buildings, traps and troops that were not available before. Here is the guide to clash of clans builder base level 4.

Overview for Maxing Builder Hall 4

Let’s find out what you will get on upgrading Builder Hall 4 first:

  • Increase in hit points e.g. 192 from the Builder Hall 3
  • On upgrading to Builder Hall 4, you gain 293 XP
  • Around 23 buildings can be built at BH4
  • Builder Hall 4 can hold 50,000 more gold and elixir than Builder Hall 3

These are some neat facts. Find below what you need to upgrade on getting TH9.

On upgrading, you will unlock 4 new buildings. These are Guard Post, Clock Tower, Mega Mine, and Ai Bombs. All these buildings are great and can help you a lot while defending. Along with this, on upgrading to BH 4, all the previously built buildings will also be unlocked. These may be

  • A New Archer Tower
  • A New Mine
  • 5 New Walls
  • A New Army Camp
  • A New Push Trap

Now, time to find out when you need to upgrade all these new as well as previously built buildings in the TH9.

BH4 Gold Defenses Upgrading

First of all, before upgrading anything else, start with upgrading all of the new defenses and walls. Along with this get those up to par with the previous defenses. It may be a bit difficult but it is good to start with it as you have to do it later too. Moreover, you need to do as fast as you can because you cannot defend with first level walls. All the new stuff might be very interesting for you. When you have finished building new defenses, here is what you need to do on the TH9 first level.

  • Elixir Storage to 4
  • Cannons to 4
  • Guard Post to 4
  • Double Cannon to 4
  • Elixir Collector to 4
  • Guard Post to 2
  • Air Bombs to 2, 3, and 4
  • Archer Towers to 4
  • Crusher to 3 and 4
  • Spring Traps to 4
  • Guard Post to 3
  • Walls to 4
  • Tesla to 4
  • Firecracker to 4
  • Mega Mine to 2, 3, and 4
  • Mines to 4
  • Push Traps to 4

Elixir Building Upgrading – Builder Hall 4

Now when you have done all the gold upgrades, time to upgrade elixir. Elixir has really great potential in Clash of Clans and will help you to unlock new troops’ new abilities. Follow the below order and find what to do first. Here we will start with army camp first because by doing so you can use more troops in the battle.

  • Upgrade Elixir Storage
  • Build Army Camp
  • Next, Upgrade Start Laboratory to Level 4
  • Upgrade raged barbarians, boxer giants and sneaky archers to level 8 that will give you a great advantage in Versus Battles
  • Builder Barracks need to be upgraded to the maximum level. So, do this and unlock Bomber and Baby Dragon
  • Upgrade Gem Mine to 4. You can also leave it as has a very high reparation cost.

Star Laboratory Upgrade

In this game mode, the offense is very crucial, so you need high investment in the Star Laboratory to upgrade the troops. It will allow them to unlock the second level and the new abilities. As we know that air troops have a very low percentage to score a star and therefore are not used much, here is what you do first:

  • First, upgrade the Star Laboratory to the Level 4
  • In the beginning, you can ignore to upgrade Bomber, Beta Minions and Baby Dragons. But, if you want you can upgrade them to Level 2.
  • To use plenty of strategies, you can upgrade Raged barbarians, Sneaky Archers and Boxer Giants first.

Builder Hall 4 Base Layouts

In versus battles, defending is really very important. If you have a solid base design, you can get a ton of victories. So, below are some best builder hall 4 base layouts that can help you defend against all new troops like giants and baby dragons.

The Trapped BH4

In the trapped BH4, there are two main funnels. One at the top and the other one is at the bottom. If you want to get Builder Hall at Builder hall 4, then it is must to go through one of these entrances. This builder base 4 layout is very impressive as there is air support on all its sides. Along with this, it covers all buildings. Builder hall is surrounded by the walls and because of this, it will be quite difficult for the raged barbarians to reach here.

The Clock BH4

Because the troop AI is extremely low in Builder Base, so there are chances for you to take advantage of this. You can do that by making elaborate trap funnels as the troops will walk on these when they are tricked by a lot of traps. These long funnels will take troops into mines, clutches of spring traps and sometimes in the crusher.

Crazy Puller BH4

The crazy puller is a very popular Builder Hall 4 base layout. Like the Clock BH4, the base design also pulls the troops towards the center. If the opponent failed to place the troops is a perfect way, his troops will definitely head towards the base center. There are many traps in this center. Along with this, Crazy Puller BH4 also covers all the buildings and has air support.

Anti-Baby Dragon

This is also a very popular clash of clans builder base level 4 layout. The attacks from the Baby Dragon will be frequent when you will push to 2400 trophies. For that, you need this Anti-Baby Dragon base design. Your attacker can attempt to get the Firecracker and can also be sent the Baby Dragons around the Crusher. So, the Crusher is covered by the Hidden Tesla and the Archer Tower and the Firecrackers are also well-protected. So with Baby Dragons, there is no chance to get more than 1 Star.

Anti 2 Star with Push Traps

These builder hall level 4 base layouts is just like the famous Builder Hall 3 base layout in which there are double layer walls. Other than the open spots, there is no other way to get the Builder Hall. Boxer giants always walk to these open slots and the push traps will push them into the crusher and just behind it are the Spring Traps. So, your attacker will lose few boxer giants at starting. Also, the troops will be frequently taken down. Your opponent cannot get more than 1 star easily. The only way he can do this is if he has Baby Dragons that are well upgraded.

So that’s all you need to upgrade builder hall 4 base. Hope you find how to start and what to do for builder base level 4.

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