Clash of Clans Name Change: How to Guide

Do many people ask questions about how to change a clash royale name again? Lately, At this time as far as it is known, there is only a single way to change the account name the second time. A reader will learn from the blog.

In general, a reader may change account name when a reader reaches a level 4. A reader may simply go in the settings menu and will see a change name button there. It to be sure reader enters the new clash royale name twice then type confirm in order to change the name.

Normally a supercell does not allow the player to change the name again. But a player may do that one time. If the player needs to change the name before and want to do that in the second time. A reader should follow the tutorial below properly. In summary, a reader may contact the support in-game and tell them whether using an offensive name or the real name. And if still, the reader wants to change because it is uncomfortable.

After a few days, a reader will get a message and sometimes ask the additional questions to verify the ownership of your account. It will change the name. As a writer, I have used this method a few times and it always works!.


Whenever a reader asks the friends or person who plays the game but doesn’t have exact knowledge out it. He or she will definitely say reader that “ it is impossible”. They are right on they’re prospective but the truth is yes. A player may change name second time in Clash of Clans.

Are you banned from Clash of Clans?

Many possible reasons are why the reader is banned from the clash of clans. Some of the mistakes are the common mistakes that result in banning coc account.So for any reason please don’t do any of the following strategies and it may result in a temporary ban of the account and if the reader does some again, A reader will lose village forever.

It may be a ban of various durations. If the user repeats the same mistake again, A user will lose its village forever. First of user needs to find the duration of the ban and be calm and wait for a small period.

How to change Clash Royle name again?

A user should open Clash Royale on the device.

A user should go to the setting menu and then help and support. Normally A user will see a small contact us button at the top right on the screen. If somehow a reader is not able to see the menu. A user may open any topic in the section and type no in the Was this helpful section. A contact Us button will show up and you may contact them from there.

How to write a reason for the name change?

A reader should simply say them truly about the account owner is you Brother?sister and now he/she has stopped the game and you have this account.

So, its a kind request to supercell please help me to change my name back it is too much frustrating when my classmates call me with my sister/brother’s name.

Another reason may be the person is dead, say to them that the owner has died in some accident and now the owner of the account is you.

Important note.

A reader should use a valid and true reason for changing the name. Supercell is not fooled so a reader should be careful and should not use some else’s reasons.

It only works when a user has the full name in the game for example.


  • Josh Mathews Jr.
  • Tile Breeze
  • Shankar Mahadevan
  • Salman Khan
  • Barrack Hussain Obama

It won’t work if you have one-word names like?

  • Master
  • Henry
  • Floyd
  • Sinthia.

It is the only systematic method to change the name for the second time in the clash of clans. A reader should make sure supercell sometimes rejects the appeal for invalid reasons.

A reader should not lose hope and try again. After 30, 40 days with a strong valid Briefly written reason.

About the clash of clans.

Clash of clans is free to a download online multiplayer battle game. It is for 13+. The objective of the game is to build a village, design a base and defend the turf. A player may join other players in the clan to fight others, or there is the option for single player play in which player may attack a series of goblin buildings, supplies, and weapons and have to collect gold, elixir and Dark Elixir through gameplay to increase and maintain the defenses against attack. A reader may also collect gems by successfully completing certain tasks or buy them through in-app purchases.

Format and price: free on iOS and Android with in-app purchases.

Clash of clans is a seriously complicated game for beginners and it is addictive once a reader begins to master it. It loses points for the lack of reporting function within Clan chat groups and the fact that the children may join clans with adults as they don’t know. If the child is going to use the multiplayer option of the game unsupervised. Be aware kinds may come across adults and bad language-occasionally even both at the same time.

So its enough for the post. If the reader likes the helpful guide then share this now with all the clashers who eagerly wants to change the name. A user should be very careful while changing the name. It may also lead to ban of the account for a few duration and may lose the village of forever. It will ruin the game. A reader should follow all the instructions carefully and do naming as in guidelines. With valid reason, a  user will be able to change name easily. A name should be valid and inoffensive.

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