Download Clash of Clans for PC (Windows 7/8/XP) Guide

Downloading Clash of Clans for PC or Windows 7/8/XP Computer tutorial is now available here. We have given the complete guide on downloading Clash of Clans game on Compute. Please read the whole tutorial given here which will help you to go though the process.

An Epic game that changed the playing style of many of the people in this globe, especially for the people who used to love the epic games and also the real time strategy game. Are you fond of real time strategy game, then you should play the Clash of Clans in your lifetime. You can grab the Clash of Clans in the Google Play store and it is more interesting like various real time strategy games such as Ages of Empire series, Rise of Nations and so many real time strategy games.

Note : Clash of Clans for PC Download is not available directly from the official developers but we are going to get the unofficial method to work. even we contacted the official developer and maker of this awesome asking if they are going to get the official Desktop Version of the Clash of Clans PC game but they gave the answer in no and we searched for the unofficial but working method of downloading this awesome game on the Computer. Just complete this whole article and you will get to know about the method which I am talking about.

Clash of Clans for PC Features :

It is developed and maintained by the famous game developer, SuperCell. They used to develop more exciting games and the way they were designing the game will be loved by the people.  This game is a brilliant time management and mind thrilling game that enhances the skills of the players and in the meanwhile you need to protect your belongings in the gameplay.

In the beginning you will be given a small village where you need to develop various resources for the village people and also worker who works in your village. The village will be attacked by the various attackers from other nation; you need to protect your village from other peoples.

Multiplayer Game and Online Connectivity: Clash of Clans allows you to play the game through online servers and you can play multiplayer game through the online server which is connected. Even you can connect with various players and attack a single nation by combining troops.

Download Clash of Clans for PC or Computer Windows 7/8 :

Day by day, the android operating system is getting improved and in the meantime, you can notice that various improvement in the android operating system. If you want to install those android applications in your personal computer, you need to install YouWave Emulator in your PC.

YouWave Emulator is one of the best android installer for Windows Operating system and if you were looking for a wonderful android installer, you can choose this for installing android applications in your PC. YouWave Emulator provides you an excellent environment to run the android applications and play games in it. You can even simulate external SD card with the help of YouWave Emulator. In this post, I will explain the ways how to install Clash of clans on YouWave Emulator in your windows personal computer.

Note : You can even use the alternative software Bluestacks which is more good then the one which is described here. So if you dont want to use money for getting the app which is reviewed here, then you can always use Bluestacks Android Emulator.

Step 1: Download the YouWave Emulator from here. Once you have downloaded this file in your windows PC, install it and launch the application.

Step 2: You need .apk file to install the Clash of Clans in your PC. So you can Google “ Download Clash of Clans .apk file” and download it. After downloading the file, you can install it in the YouWave Emulator.

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