TH9 Three Star Attacking Guide for LavaLoonion

For Town Halls from 9 to 11, Lavaloonion has become the most popular strategy. Here you will find a three star attacking guide for Lavaloonion th9.

There can be a huge difference between the number of minions and balloons in Lavaloonion Strategy. Three start attacks can be pulled at least 12 balloons and maximum 28 balloons. But for that, at that time, there should be 4 lava hounds for you to use at TH9.

It is seen that there are many spells who work great but the spells that are haste and rage, work better than all others in Lavaloonion. So, you can use the heal or freeze spell in your composition. Find below the Lavaloonion army composition that you need for three star attacking guide.

Lavaloonion Army Composition

There are 20 minions which is a good number for this strategy, 17 balloons that are also enough to take out the defenses, 1 hog rider that will be used to lure the CC, with one coming in CC.

Luring The Clan Castle Troops

As we know, this is the first step in every strategy in any war. You need to lure the Clan Castle troops so that they cannot kill the dealers in your composition that can do a real damage. This can be done by using a hog rider. Target the hog rider to as close as possible to the clan castle troops. There are chances that hog rider can be killed soon and few troops can be left that are not lured. For them, use the poison spell to kill them.

                      lavaloonion strategy

Now when the troops come out from the Castle, use your any hero to draw them out in the corner. You can choose the hero according to what troop are in CC. For example, you can use your queen for the air troops.

Use Lava Hounds

As this is a Lavaloonion strategy, lava hounds are very important to be successful in this attack. Out of your 4 lava hounds, use 2 of them at each air defense. Make sure to not place them together. Use some different angles for each lava hound so that seeking air mine or air bomb can only damage the one hound and not both. Also while placing lava hounds, remember that they should be heading towards the same air defense. Now, repeat this process on the side from where you want to use the balloons.

Time to Use Balloons

                             lavaloonion th9

Now, when you have distracted the air defenses with the lava hounds, time to use the Balloons. There is a precision balloon strategy that you can use but here our main focus is on one attack strategy. So, you can play your balloons in a row, wave or in line as this is the best way to dominate the war base of opposition. Balloons will split but a long row will make sure that multiple balloons are not taken out by a single air bomb.

Placement and Timing of The Spell

So to back up the balloons when they are heading towards the main defenses and the core of the base, you need some spells. Using rage and haste spells can give a lot of speed and damage increase to the loons. So while balloons are heading in, time your spells so that they can catch the haste’s front end and can propel into the base so that they can quickly reach to the front defense line.

When the balloons reach and destroy the outer layer of the defenses, time to use the rage spells. Use these spells on the clump of the balloons that have formed. You also need to predict the position of the balloons with your spells.

When the balloons reach to the core, you can use the freeze spells. Use this on the x-bows or air defenses that are still left. It will pause them and your balloons can sweep over them.

Clean up Time

Hope with the strategy your balloons have reached to the core of the defenses and cleaning up the last defenses. Now, this is time to use your backup minions to clean up everything that your balloons missed. You need to complete this as fast as you can as in Lavaloonion, time plays a great role. Keep in mind that you need to place the minions where a lot of buildings are left and where no one can target them.

Here also, you can use the hero to clean the buildings that are left. According to this strategy, you should have the barbarian king. Use him to clear the rest of the buildings.

Now, when you have placed all the cleanup troops, you are all set to get the three stars.

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