The Ultimate Dark Barracks Clash of Clan Guide

Dark Barracks Clash of Clan

Wondering how you can use your Dark Elixir to train troops? Dark Barracks is the key; you can use Dark Barracks to prepare Dark Elixir Troops. It looks similar to the normal Barracks. The only difference is the types of troops you can train and the usage of Dark Elixir instead of Elixir. You can’t use Dark Barracks while upgrading. COC Dark Barracks has an option to boost production of troops for an hour. You can boost by spending 30 Gems. It increases the speed by 4x. The Dark Barracks can produce troops in the queue even if the building is destroyed by the enemy troops. There should be sufficient space in the army camp.

You cannot produce new troops while upgrading Dark Barracks.

Dark Barracks Troops

You can use Dark Barracks to train different types of Dark Barracks Troops including, Minion, Hog Rider, Valkyrie, Golem (Golemite), Witch (Skeleton), Lava Hound (Lava Pup), Bowler, Ice Golem.

Dark Barracks Levels

There is a total of eight level upgrades available for Dark Barracks.

Dark Barracks Level 1

This is the first level of Dark Barracks. The look is very similar to the regular barracks. The only difference is the axe and hammer on the top. There are dark crystals on the left and right corners. Building Dark Barracks costs 500,000 Elixir. It has 500 hit points and you gain an experience of 169. It builds within a day and boosting would cost 30 gems. Minimum townhall level required is 7.

Dark Barracks Level 2

The entrance of the Dark Barracks turns into stone. There is a sword near the entrance. The Elixir build cost is 1,250,000. It takes 5 days to build and you get an experience gain of 657. You can queue up to 50 troops. You need to have a townhall of level 7 to upgrade Dark Barracks.

Dark Barracks Level 3

The entrance has a stairway now. The entrance pillars turn into black stone. Level 3 upgrade costs 1,750,000 and takes 6 days to upgrade. You get an experience boost of 720. It can queue up to 60 troops. You need to have a townhall of level 8 to upgrade

Dark Barracks Level 4

The pillars have a red stone finish now. The top also has a similar design. Elixir cost of upgrading to level 4 is 2,250,000, and the time required to build is 7 days. You get an experience gain of 777. It can queue up to 70 troops. You need to have a townhall of level 8 to upgrade

Dark Barracks Level 5

The pillars have a gold stone finish now with two skulls near the top corner with similar gold finish. The upgrade cost is 2,750, 000 and the time required to build is 8 days. You get an experience gain of 831, and the maximum troops you can queue is 80. You need to have a townhall of level 9 to upgrade

Dark Barracks Level 6

Barracks Level 6 looks similar to Level 5 with addition to Lava stone and lava on the left side. The two stones are replaced by one single stone in the centre. Cost to upgrade is 3,500,000. The time required to upgrade is 9 days. You get an experience gain of 881, and you can queue up to 90 troops. You need to have a townhall of level 9 to upgrade

The Ultimate Wizard Tower Clash Of Clans Guide


The mighty Wizard in Clash of Clans has been a crowd favorite attacking unit and corollary to it standing on a spiraling, cone-shaped tower of rock is the wizard forming the monumental Wizard Tower.

The Wizard Tower is a mammoth defense building. It renders strong splash damage making hostile to it any low hit point troop like the Archers, Barbarians, Goblins, Minions, Lava pups, Hogs. The list includes the newer spells are very susceptible to large amounts of splash damage. It renders the Skeleton spell as well as the Bat spell practically useless.

The Wizard Tower just like the mortar or the eagle artillery renders splash damage. It wipes out many troops with one single hit and hence, is potentially fatal to an attack.


While creating a defensive strategy, the maker of a base must keep this key defense in mind. The maker must sufficiently guard the Wizard Tower with multiple trash buildings. It would allow the Wizard Tower to render maximum damage before being wiped out by the attacking troops.

Based on the opponents attacking strategy, the maker may predict the type of attack. Either predominantly ground or air, and accordingly place the Wizard Towers. If placed towards the exterior of the base they are incredibly vulnerable to cascading hogs as well as bowlers. They may even be cleared out by a Queen walk which is fatal to a defense.


While attacking one must carefully analyze the placement of this indispensable defense unit. Players keep wizard tower generally in the inner layers of the base to allow them to maximize damage. These may be strategically be placed behind a high hit point building. For Example, the storages or the clan castle to enable it to render damage for prolonged periods. Hence making up for its low hit points.

An attacker must pay special attention to these towers while carrying out either a ‘Gohog’ (Golem + Hog Riders) or an ‘all hog’ attack. It is because hogs are very vulnerable to splash damage. A special amount of care must be observed with the tricky ‘Lavaloonian’ (Lava hound + Balloons) attack. Loons are also vulnerable.
While using the skeleton as well as the bat spells or carrying out a ‘Barch’ (Barbarians + Archers) or ‘Gobarch’ (Goblins + Barbarians + Archers) in clearing out defenses, the attacker must strategically plan out all the freeze spells to prevent the Wizard Towers from annihilating the troops.


The level 3 wizard tower may be ineffective when compared maxed out Wizard Tower. Still, it lashes out decent levels of damage appropriate to the level of the player.

It is one of the most key defenses at this early a stage in the game. The reasons being that most attackers have the attack strategy of basic ‘Barch’ (Barbarians + Archers). Attacks at this level which now seem to prove absolutely ineffective when faced by the Wizard Tower.

The minions who are a trusty air troop at a low level, as well as the balloons, are highly vulnerable to 16 points of damage per second. It isn’t a very rare sight that the Wizard Tower is the only building standing with 680 hit points. It makes it very difficult for the lower level troops to tackle.

The tower now has more purple crystals spread out over the tower. The wizard takes on a new light purple cloak color which depicts the advancement in the level of the wizard itself.


The level 5 Wizard Tower may seem a little lost with the increased number of defenses at the level 7 townhall however it is still an important defense because it effectively helps counter popular townhall 7 attack strategies like the ‘Loonian’ (Balloons), or the ‘Gohog’ (Golem + Hog riders) or even the all Dragon strategy.

With a decent 24 points of damage per second and an 840 hit points, it remains an indispensable defence unit. The tower itself has also taken a newer design with the purple crystals now uniformly forming a crystal base with only a tip made of rock.


With the most recent game update and the introduction of the level, 12 townhall players may update their Wizard Towers to up to a maximum level 9 even at a level 10 town hall.

This allows the players with level 10 townhalls to effectively defend potentially over powerful attackers. And thereby perform well in wars as well as defend their loots on a day to day basis.

The level 9 Wizard Tower has a potentially fatal 50 points of damage per second coupled with 1680 building hit points. It is enough standing to defend against residual lava pups or minions which may be the difference between a potential three star and a high percentage of two stars.

The tower is completely made of crystals. It is purple along with four royal looking marble ridges at the top. This is a design advancement from the metal ridges.


After the introduction of the level 12 town hall and level 11 no longer being the maximum limit. Newer and far more aggressive levels are now available for defenses to promote an effective defense strategy. Therefore the level 10 Wizard Tower is no longer, “the maxed out” with the presence of the upgrade to a level 11 Wizard Tower.

However, it is still an effective defense with 5 Wizard Towers being available to build at the level 11 town hall. Level 10 Wizard Tower have massive 62 points of damage per second. An enduring 2000 hit points here the crystals now have a top marble-like look. Even on the top surface where the wizard stands and the wizard himself has an intimidating look with devilish green eyes.

For more details, check the table given below.

Town Hall Level        1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12
Number Available


0 0 0 0 1 2 2 3 4 4 5 5

Level Damage per Second Damage per Shot Hitpoints Cost Gold Build Time ExperienceGained XP Town Hall Level Required
1 11 14.3 620 180,000 3h 103 5
2 13 16.9 650 360,000 8h 169 5
3 16 20.8 680 700,000 16h 240 6
4 20 26 730 1,200,000 1d 293 7
5 24 31.2 840 1,700,000 1d 12h 360 8
6 32 41.6 960 2,200,000 2d 415 8
7 40 52 1,200 3,200,000 3d 509 9
8 45 58.5 1,440 4,200,000 4d 587 10
9 50 65 1,680 5,200,000 6d 720 10
10 62 80.6 2,000 9,200,000 10d 929 11
11 70 91 2,240 11,200,000 14d 1,099 12


Range Attack Speed Damage Type Unit Type Targeted
7 1.3s Splash – 1 tile Ground & Air

Icon Guide

This is upgrade icon – tapping on this will start to upgrade the wizard tower.

Info icon gives you all the necessary information about the tower.

Upgrade button will instantly upgrade your wizard tower to the next level with a cost of one Hammer.

Finish now button instantly upgrades your wizard tower with the cost of some number of gems.

Tapping on this icon will finish the upgrade process with the cost of one book of everything.

This icon would finish the upgrade process with the cost of one book of building.

Tapping on this icon will boost your builder for an hour.

This icon would cancel your tower upgrade process and refund half of the upgrade amount.

Final Verdict:

The Wizard Tower hence unquestionably is an indispensable defense unit the reasons being it not only renders large amounts of damage, but it also renders splash damage which together makes a fatal combination. Such characteristics make the Wizard Tower a crowd favorite and an integral part of the Clash of Clan family itself.

Clash of Clans Name Change: How to Guide

Do many people ask questions about how to change a clash royale name again? Lately, At this time as far as it is known, there is only a single way to change the account name the second time. A reader will learn from the blog.

In general, a reader may change account name when a reader reaches a level 4. A reader may simply go in the settings menu and will see a change name button there. It to be sure reader enters the new clash royale name twice then type confirm in order to change the name.

Normally a supercell does not allow the player to change the name again. But a player may do that one time. If the player needs to change the name before and want to do that in the second time. A reader should follow the tutorial below properly. In summary, a reader may contact the support in-game and tell them whether using an offensive name or the real name. And if still, the reader wants to change because it is uncomfortable.

After a few days, a reader will get a message and sometimes ask the additional questions to verify the ownership of your account. It will change the name. As a writer, I have used this method a few times and it always works!.


Whenever a reader asks the friends or person who plays the game but doesn’t have exact knowledge out it. He or she will definitely say reader that “ it is impossible”. They are right on they’re prospective but the truth is yes. A player may change name second time in Clash of Clans.

Are you banned from Clash of Clans?

Many possible reasons are why the reader is banned from the clash of clans. Some of the mistakes are the common mistakes that result in banning coc account.So for any reason please don’t do any of the following strategies and it may result in a temporary ban of the account and if the reader does some again, A reader will lose village forever.

It may be a ban of various durations. If the user repeats the same mistake again, A user will lose its village forever. First of user needs to find the duration of the ban and be calm and wait for a small period.

How to change Clash Royle name again?

A user should open Clash Royale on the device.

A user should go to the setting menu and then help and support. Normally A user will see a small contact us button at the top right on the screen. If somehow a reader is not able to see the menu. A user may open any topic in the section and type no in the Was this helpful section. A contact Us button will show up and you may contact them from there.

How to write a reason for the name change?

A reader should simply say them truly about the account owner is you Brother?sister and now he/she has stopped the game and you have this account.

So, its a kind request to supercell please help me to change my name back it is too much frustrating when my classmates call me with my sister/brother’s name.

Another reason may be the person is dead, say to them that the owner has died in some accident and now the owner of the account is you.

Important note.

A reader should use a valid and true reason for changing the name. Supercell is not fooled so a reader should be careful and should not use some else’s reasons.

It only works when a user has the full name in the game for example.


  • Josh Mathews Jr.
  • Tile Breeze
  • Shankar Mahadevan
  • Salman Khan
  • Barrack Hussain Obama

It won’t work if you have one-word names like?

  • Master
  • Henry
  • Floyd
  • Sinthia.

It is the only systematic method to change the name for the second time in the clash of clans. A reader should make sure supercell sometimes rejects the appeal for invalid reasons.

A reader should not lose hope and try again. After 30, 40 days with a strong valid Briefly written reason.

About the clash of clans.

Clash of clans is free to a download online multiplayer battle game. It is for 13+. The objective of the game is to build a village, design a base and defend the turf. A player may join other players in the clan to fight others, or there is the option for single player play in which player may attack a series of goblin buildings, supplies, and weapons and have to collect gold, elixir and Dark Elixir through gameplay to increase and maintain the defenses against attack. A reader may also collect gems by successfully completing certain tasks or buy them through in-app purchases.

Format and price: free on iOS and Android with in-app purchases.

Clash of clans is a seriously complicated game for beginners and it is addictive once a reader begins to master it. It loses points for the lack of reporting function within Clan chat groups and the fact that the children may join clans with adults as they don’t know. If the child is going to use the multiplayer option of the game unsupervised. Be aware kinds may come across adults and bad language-occasionally even both at the same time.

So its enough for the post. If the reader likes the helpful guide then share this now with all the clashers who eagerly wants to change the name. A user should be very careful while changing the name. It may also lead to ban of the account for a few duration and may lose the village of forever. It will ruin the game. A reader should follow all the instructions carefully and do naming as in guidelines. With valid reason, a  user will be able to change name easily. A name should be valid and inoffensive.

Top 3 Clash of Clans Forums for more Tips & Tricks

One game that is going viral in 2015 is Clash of Clans and here is a help guide for all you players. This help guide is unique and I’m sure you’re going to like and share it with all your friends playing the same game. Here I’m going to cover top 3 Clash of Clans forums for more tips & tricks related to the game playing.

Clash of Clans is a game which isn’t a taste for everyone but once started you’ll be addicted with it for sure. You will find it very tough to stop playing but again you won’t find much success within. Please check out other articles on Clash of Clans for PC blog.

I’m not only going to provide you with the top three forums of Clash of Clans but also going to let you know the exact reason why you wish to join and read them regularly.

Top 3 Clash of Clans Forums

Here are the top three forums for Clash of Clans game you can join and have related knowledge.

Supercell Forum for Game

Clash of Clans Forum on Reddit

Clash of Clans Builder Forum

There are many benefits and on top of all, you will be learning a lot of things about tips and tricks of this game. You just need to go through the forums, various questions and discussions going over there and also be their regular reader.

Benefits of Joining Clash of Clans Forum

In return you’ll be learning a lot of tricks and tips about this so popular but tough to play game. There are hundreds or even thousands of users available, who are all ready to share their own experience with all your guys over the web.

You people need to join the discussion and ask simply any issues which you’re facing, but don’t forget to mention proper details. Many people over there are ready to share their own experience and even the strategy they applied.

Clash of Clans for PC Download Windows 7/8 No Bluestacks

Well, as the title itself indicated that you want to play Clash of Clans on PC without any survey, meaning with no survey. First of all their are many guides and tutorials available on internet which claims that you will be able to play Clash of Clans game on the computer directly by just downloading the Desktop version from the given link, well those websites are scam and they ask you to pass survey (which ultimately give them money in pockets and you will get nothing but bunch of virus).

So I request you to never ever believe such websites which claims that you can get the Clash of Clans game or any other things by passing the survey and downloading the software which you will get after passing the survey, those people are  just scammers.

I have already experienced this things and so I got to know about it and researched a lot about it. After that I got to know about the unofficial but working method of playing Clash of Clans game on PC without facing any type of problem.

Can you play Clash of Clans on PC No Survey?

So the question still remains the same, can you really play clash of clans on PC with no survey directly online? yes, the answer to this question is that you can easily play any type of Android game or Application on computer with the help of method which is given in this post, you just need to keep on reading about this.

We have got three methods which will be allowing  us to download Clash of Clans game on the Windows as well as Windows 8 computer system. It is really possible which the help of new technology which is now invented.

Their are three methods which will be allowing us to download any type of Android game or application on our PC.

  1. Bluestacks
  2. Anydroid Android Emulaltor
  3. Mobizen

Also, their is one another software which allows us to answer our question of can you play or how to play clash of clans for pc.

I have given the complete tutorial on the home page of this website, so you can simply go their and enjoying playing the game without any problem.

So friends, I can just request you to never get into the shady websites which will never get you Clash of Clans for PC game and will ask you to do survey which is really bad thing. So, just go to our main homepage website and get the working and free method of playing Clash of Clans on PC without Survey or Bluestacks.


To start with the instructions to download Clash of Clans for PC using BlueStacks, I must say that you need to have a Windows or Mac OS running computer which is working on latest version of graphics driver and also you’re having a stable and speedy internet connection. Since we will be using BlueStacks here so you need to use its online installer which is recommended from my side because of the fact that you’ll be always getting latest version of the software.

The only thing you need to worry about is that your computer must not be having RAM lesser than 2GB and if its having 4GB then its all better and nothing going to stop you from playing this super addictive game on computer.

Note : If you don’t like downloading COC for PC using Bluestacks, then we have another Android Emulator for you, You Can Play Clash of Clans on Computer with YouWave very easily.


So let’s start directly with the installation process without wasting any single second of the valuable time you got. I hope you’re ready with the requirements I told to care of above and then you need to start following the steps mentioned down here as it is.

  • First thing to do in order to get Clash of Clans for PCis to download the installer file of BlueStacks which you needed to do the installation of this software. You can get it from over here.
  • Next is to double click on the installer file of BlueStacks you downloaded just now and then start following on screen instructions as it is. It will require internet connection and will take some time depending on speed of your connection.
  • Next is to start the software once its installed completely and it will be running at your end soon.
  • Click on Search tool and type in the search term Clash of Clans to find it using the same.
  • Login with your Google account when asked which is a must to do thing if you wish to proceed forward.
  • Once finished, click on Clash of Clans game result you found in search results and then click on install option ahead of the game listing within Google play store.

This is the whole process and I hope you don’t find any issues or troubles at all. Even if you face any then let me know them so that I can come up with a solution to offer within the comment section. So this was a complete guide with dedicated support for you.

I hope you’re ready with the process now and once finished up then game will be installed automatically just like it happens on an Android device which you must be already experienced with.

It’s a strategy game which can even play with your friends online and all you need to do within to win levels is to create your empire out of the normal town using all the resources available and then fight against all the evils within.

So I hope you liked the guide and game as well and going to share this valuable work with your social networking friends so that they can also know about it.

Clash of Clans for PC Without Bluestacks

Clash of Clans for PC without Bluestacks

Clash of Clans has been one of the top games that you will find on the top 10 list on Google Playstore. It is that game which has won millions of heart since it has been launched and the numbers keep on increasing. With my best of knowledge, the game is completely strategic in nature and depends on your administration and war tactics on how you can make it through at high town levels.

Well, many of you have been looking for the mod version of the game. Boy, you need to work harder because all loopholes are being covered by the producers and thus become a tough part for us too. However, if you want to play CoC on PC without bluestack, that can be possible and we are going to make it happen.

All your questions on how to play clash of clans on pc without bluestacks will be covered today. So, there isn’t anything that you need to worry about. Just follow the article properly in order to make sure you follow all the process properly.

Features of Clash of Clans

Mentioning the features becomes a necessity when we speak about a particular game and thus here we are.

  1. Clash of Clans since the day one has tried to get the best for the users. In order, to meet with the world and their requirements, there are frequent updates on the game and many different characters and upgrade levels are added to the list which keeps the fire in the users alive.
  2. We are in the 21st Century, after having a good to do handset if we are not getting the best of the graphics possible, it is indeed disappointing. Thus, the producers have made sure that none such situation arises in front of you which makes you think less of the game. Fantastic graphic level is available for you.
  3. The recent update has made the war even interesting. Now, one of your friends can help you win the war. This feature has raised the standard of the game to a different level.
  4. The basic concept of the game is to build your own village and your army to fight against goblins and other enemies. That’s how things go here.
  5. The game is howsoever well appreciated by all the users and thus the game gets a Google Playstore rating of 4.6.

How to Play Clash of Clans on PC without Bluestacks

Playing Clash of Clans on pc will low specification can be a problem because every individual needs to update his/her graphic card and other specification to make sure that they don’t face any lack while playing the game. Obviously none of you will want to lose a war due to specs problems. The process here will help you play clash of clans for pc windows 10, windows 8.1 and windows 7/8.

First of all, you need to update your graphic cards. It is necessary to have a graphic card up to date to support 3D graphics in your desktop.

Users wanting to download clash of clans on their Apply Mac can do it easily by installing any of the preferred android emulator that they wish to have. Bluestacks is just one of the bundle. A huge number of options are available for you. For the best of the suggestion, you can use the link provided below to download one of the best android emulator that we prefer to Bluestacks. It is totally free of cost and thus makes sense to go for it.

Clash of Clans for PC Download (Windows 7/8) without bluestacks

Follow the steps provided below carefully in order to play clash of clans on pc without bluestacks.

  1. The first and foremost step is to download the android emulator which enables you to download the game and play it on your desktop/laptop. Bliss, bluestacks 3, Nox, Droid4X and many other android emulators are available in the market for free. Grab the best you feel and get it installed in your device. If you want you can simply avoid Bluestacks.
  2. Just like any other android emulator, install the application and provide any of your google account to enable using the emulator. People here get worried about providing their information but on a serious note, there is no such issue that you will face regarding your account details.
  3. Once you are done with the installation and providing of the necessary details, just use the search button and search for ‘Clash of Clans’.
  4. Things get easier here, now you will find navigation just as you find in the Google Playstore app. Find clash of clans and install it. Using this, you can easily install clash of clans on pc without using bluestacks and enjoy it at liberty.
  5. The thing to be noted along the process is to have an active and high speed internet for the best of the performance of the android emulator.

If you are facing problem to download clash of clans for pc without bluestacks, then you can use Leapdroid Emulator too in order to find the best of the performance. For your convenience, we have provided the link below using which you can download the application with a single click. Now, you can play clash of clans on PC without any survey.

That was the only process to get clash of clans on your desktop device without using bluestacks. In case, you are planning to go for any mod version of clash of clans, it is strictly advice not to think about it. The producers have gone strict with their rules and once you are caught, your id will simply be acted under null and void and all the progress made by you will become a waste.

If this article helped you then do share it with your friends on every other social media platform like Facebook, Whatsapp and Twitter. However, if you are still facing any other problem regarding the topic, do feel free to mention it below in the comment section. We will meet with it as soon as possible.

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Clash of Clans Maxing Builder Hall 4 Guide

In Clash of Clans, Maxing Builder hall 4 is one of the major steps. On upgrading any builder hall, you unlock many clash of clans buildings, traps and troops that were not available before. Here is the guide to clash of clans builder base level 4.

Overview for Maxing Builder Hall 4

Let’s find out what you will get on upgrading Builder Hall 4 first:

  • Increase in hit points e.g. 192 from the Builder Hall 3
  • On upgrading to Builder Hall 4, you gain 293 XP
  • Around 23 buildings can be built at BH4
  • Builder Hall 4 can hold 50,000 more gold and elixir than Builder Hall 3

These are some neat facts. Find below what you need to upgrade on getting TH9.

On upgrading, you will unlock 4 new buildings. These are Guard Post, Clock Tower, Mega Mine, and Ai Bombs. All these buildings are great and can help you a lot while defending. Along with this, on upgrading to BH 4, all the previously built buildings will also be unlocked. These may be

  • A New Archer Tower
  • A New Mine
  • 5 New Walls
  • A New Army Camp
  • A New Push Trap

Now, time to find out when you need to upgrade all these new as well as previously built buildings in the TH9.

BH4 Gold Defenses Upgrading

First of all, before upgrading anything else, start with upgrading all of the new defenses and walls. Along with this get those up to par with the previous defenses. It may be a bit difficult but it is good to start with it as you have to do it later too. Moreover, you need to do as fast as you can because you cannot defend with first level walls. All the new stuff might be very interesting for you. When you have finished building new defenses, here is what you need to do on the TH9 first level.

  • Elixir Storage to 4
  • Cannons to 4
  • Guard Post to 4
  • Double Cannon to 4
  • Elixir Collector to 4
  • Guard Post to 2
  • Air Bombs to 2, 3, and 4
  • Archer Towers to 4
  • Crusher to 3 and 4
  • Spring Traps to 4
  • Guard Post to 3
  • Walls to 4
  • Tesla to 4
  • Firecracker to 4
  • Mega Mine to 2, 3, and 4
  • Mines to 4
  • Push Traps to 4

Elixir Building Upgrading – Builder Hall 4

Now when you have done all the gold upgrades, time to upgrade elixir. Elixir has really great potential in Clash of Clans and will help you to unlock new troops’ new abilities. Follow the below order and find what to do first. Here we will start with army camp first because by doing so you can use more troops in the battle.

  • Upgrade Elixir Storage
  • Build Army Camp
  • Next, Upgrade Start Laboratory to Level 4
  • Upgrade raged barbarians, boxer giants and sneaky archers to level 8 that will give you a great advantage in Versus Battles
  • Builder Barracks need to be upgraded to the maximum level. So, do this and unlock Bomber and Baby Dragon
  • Upgrade Gem Mine to 4. You can also leave it as has a very high reparation cost.

Star Laboratory Upgrade

In this game mode, the offense is very crucial, so you need high investment in the Star Laboratory to upgrade the troops. It will allow them to unlock the second level and the new abilities. As we know that air troops have a very low percentage to score a star and therefore are not used much, here is what you do first:

  • First, upgrade the Star Laboratory to the Level 4
  • In the beginning, you can ignore to upgrade Bomber, Beta Minions and Baby Dragons. But, if you want you can upgrade them to Level 2.
  • To use plenty of strategies, you can upgrade Raged barbarians, Sneaky Archers and Boxer Giants first.

Builder Hall 4 Base Layouts

In versus battles, defending is really very important. If you have a solid base design, you can get a ton of victories. So, below are some best builder hall 4 base layouts that can help you defend against all new troops like giants and baby dragons.

The Trapped BH4

In the trapped BH4, there are two main funnels. One at the top and the other one is at the bottom. If you want to get Builder Hall at Builder hall 4, then it is must to go through one of these entrances. This builder base 4 layout is very impressive as there is air support on all its sides. Along with this, it covers all buildings. Builder hall is surrounded by the walls and because of this, it will be quite difficult for the raged barbarians to reach here.

The Clock BH4

Because the troop AI is extremely low in Builder Base, so there are chances for you to take advantage of this. You can do that by making elaborate trap funnels as the troops will walk on these when they are tricked by a lot of traps. These long funnels will take troops into mines, clutches of spring traps and sometimes in the crusher.

Crazy Puller BH4

The crazy puller is a very popular Builder Hall 4 base layout. Like the Clock BH4, the base design also pulls the troops towards the center. If the opponent failed to place the troops is a perfect way, his troops will definitely head towards the base center. There are many traps in this center. Along with this, Crazy Puller BH4 also covers all the buildings and has air support.

Anti-Baby Dragon

This is also a very popular clash of clans builder base level 4 layout. The attacks from the Baby Dragon will be frequent when you will push to 2400 trophies. For that, you need this Anti-Baby Dragon base design. Your attacker can attempt to get the Firecracker and can also be sent the Baby Dragons around the Crusher. So, the Crusher is covered by the Hidden Tesla and the Archer Tower and the Firecrackers are also well-protected. So with Baby Dragons, there is no chance to get more than 1 Star.

Anti 2 Star with Push Traps

These builder hall level 4 base layouts is just like the famous Builder Hall 3 base layout in which there are double layer walls. Other than the open spots, there is no other way to get the Builder Hall. Boxer giants always walk to these open slots and the push traps will push them into the crusher and just behind it are the Spring Traps. So, your attacker will lose few boxer giants at starting. Also, the troops will be frequently taken down. Your opponent cannot get more than 1 star easily. The only way he can do this is if he has Baby Dragons that are well upgraded.

So that’s all you need to upgrade builder hall 4 base. Hope you find how to start and what to do for builder base level 4.

TH9 Three Star Attacking Guide for LavaLoonion

For Town Halls from 9 to 11, Lavaloonion has become the most popular strategy. Here you will find a three star attacking guide for Lavaloonion th9.

There can be a huge difference between the number of minions and balloons in Lavaloonion Strategy. Three start attacks can be pulled at least 12 balloons and maximum 28 balloons. But for that, at that time, there should be 4 lava hounds for you to use at TH9.

It is seen that there are many spells who work great but the spells that are haste and rage, work better than all others in Lavaloonion. So, you can use the heal or freeze spell in your composition. Find below the Lavaloonion army composition that you need for three star attacking guide.

Lavaloonion Army Composition

There are 20 minions which is a good number for this strategy, 17 balloons that are also enough to take out the defenses, 1 hog rider that will be used to lure the CC, with one coming in CC.

Luring The Clan Castle Troops

As we know, this is the first step in every strategy in any war. You need to lure the Clan Castle troops so that they cannot kill the dealers in your composition that can do a real damage. This can be done by using a hog rider. Target the hog rider to as close as possible to the clan castle troops. There are chances that hog rider can be killed soon and few troops can be left that are not lured. For them, use the poison spell to kill them.

                      lavaloonion strategy

Now when the troops come out from the Castle, use your any hero to draw them out in the corner. You can choose the hero according to what troop are in CC. For example, you can use your queen for the air troops.

Use Lava Hounds

As this is a Lavaloonion strategy, lava hounds are very important to be successful in this attack. Out of your 4 lava hounds, use 2 of them at each air defense. Make sure to not place them together. Use some different angles for each lava hound so that seeking air mine or air bomb can only damage the one hound and not both. Also while placing lava hounds, remember that they should be heading towards the same air defense. Now, repeat this process on the side from where you want to use the balloons.

Time to Use Balloons

                             lavaloonion th9

Now, when you have distracted the air defenses with the lava hounds, time to use the Balloons. There is a precision balloon strategy that you can use but here our main focus is on one attack strategy. So, you can play your balloons in a row, wave or in line as this is the best way to dominate the war base of opposition. Balloons will split but a long row will make sure that multiple balloons are not taken out by a single air bomb.

Placement and Timing of The Spell

So to back up the balloons when they are heading towards the main defenses and the core of the base, you need some spells. Using rage and haste spells can give a lot of speed and damage increase to the loons. So while balloons are heading in, time your spells so that they can catch the haste’s front end and can propel into the base so that they can quickly reach to the front defense line.

When the balloons reach and destroy the outer layer of the defenses, time to use the rage spells. Use these spells on the clump of the balloons that have formed. You also need to predict the position of the balloons with your spells.

When the balloons reach to the core, you can use the freeze spells. Use this on the x-bows or air defenses that are still left. It will pause them and your balloons can sweep over them.

Clean up Time

Hope with the strategy your balloons have reached to the core of the defenses and cleaning up the last defenses. Now, this is time to use your backup minions to clean up everything that your balloons missed. You need to complete this as fast as you can as in Lavaloonion, time plays a great role. Keep in mind that you need to place the minions where a lot of buildings are left and where no one can target them.

Here also, you can use the hero to clean the buildings that are left. According to this strategy, you should have the barbarian king. Use him to clear the rest of the buildings.

Now, when you have placed all the cleanup troops, you are all set to get the three stars.

Clash Royale Legendary Chance

All those who play this game want to get legendary cards. But getting those cards is not easy. Here you will get the real odds that can help you to get a legendary out of every clash Royale chest. Also, you will be finding here that out of a free, silver, gold, crown, magical, giant and super magical chest, what the chances of getting a legendary clash Royale are.

Legendary Card Odds out of Every Chest

Here is the list of odds of pulling a legendary card out of each chest in the Clash Royale. The list shows the from the best odds to the worst odds:

  • Super Magical Chest – 46.94%
  • 12 Win Grand Challenge Chest – 22.65%
  • Magical Chest – 7.82%
  • 12 Win Classic Challenge Chest – 2.06%
  • Giant Chest – 1.25%
  • Crown Chest – .78%
  • Gold Chest – .27%
  • Free Chest – .11%
  • Silver Chest – .05%

If you are thinking that how you can get these odds, then remember that it depends on what is the number of legendaries and common in the game at that time. Odds go down whenever a common is added and on the other hand, whenever a legendary is added the odds increase.

The legendary factor is a thing that impacts how good are of getting a legendary card compared to how many cards you get out. This factor is same for the Clash Royale super magical chest and magical chest. But the odds for super magical chest Clash Royale are higher as you get more cards in super Magical Chest.

The formula that can be used to figure out the odds of receiving a legendary from a chest is as follows:

(# of Cards in Chest x # of Legendaries Available) / # of Commons in Game / Legendary Factor

According to this formula, the odds of getting a Clash Royale legendary chance out of SMC in Arena 9 will be 47%. This figure looks quite impressive but the reason behind is Legendary Arena Super Magical Chest is the best chest in Clash Royale.

Now let’s find out the odds for the worst chest the Silver Chest Arena. According to the formula, it would be


So it’s clear that the odds of giving the lava hound out of Silver Chest Arena will be .00005. That’s really the worst chance.

Odds with New Legendary Cards

By adding a new common or a new legendary card to the game, you will find that the odds of getting a legendary out of Arena 1 Super Magical Chest will be increased to 54% and if you add more it will jump to 60%.

On the other hand, by adding a new common will drop the odds by 3% as the option is available to choose more cards.

Clash Royale Legendary Drop Rates

Everybody is asking these days for the Clash Royale Legendary drop rates, so let’s find out how this drop system work in the Clash Royale.

Before starting let’s find out some basic information so that you can better understand the below table.

  • Silver, Giant, Golden, Magical, Super Magical, and Epic Chests that you find in the game depends on the Arena. Some players believe that they can get some better rewards if they keep them to use in the higher Arenas. This doesn’t make any sense at all.
  • Epic Card cannot be taken from the legendary chest. Except this, you can get it from all other chests.
  • Higher Arenas means the better chest rewards
  • Legendary Chests contain all the legendary cards and your current Arena doesn’t matter at all
  • Higher Arena chests contain the cards from the lower arena chests.
  • From the Clan Chest, you can get the locked cards.

Find the below table to understand how Legendary odds are calculated:

There are 14 cards in the game and assume that Royal Ghost is released already.

Arena 12

Type of ChestLegendary Factor# of CardsLegendary Droprate
Super Magical60079288.00%

Arena 11

Type of ChestLegendary Factor# of CardsLegendary Droprate
Super Magical60073882.0%

Arena 10

Type of ChestLegendary Factor# of CardsLegendary Droprate
Super Magical60068468.40%

Arena 9

Type of ChestLegendary Factor# of CardsLegendary Droprate
Super Magical60063063.00%

Arena 8

Type of ChestLegendary Factor# of CardsLegendary Droprate
Super Magical60057655.58%

Arena 7

Type of ChestLegendary Factor# of CardsLegendary Droprate
Super Magical60052246.06%

Arena 6

Type of ChestLegendary Factor# of CardsLegendary Droprate
Super Magical60046836.40%

Arena 5

Type of ChestLegendary Factor# of CardsLegendary Droprate
Super Magical60041419.71%

Arena 4

Type of ChestLegendary Factor# of CardsLegendary Droprate
Super Magical60036010.00%

Hope you have found legendary drop rate clash Royale with the help of this table